Testimonials - Continued

Hospitals can be scary even for adults. Imagine what they must be like for a child. But thanks to your generous gift of $2,500.00, children in 21 hospitals across Australia will continue to have a reason to smile. On behalf of all those children, Thank you. While doctors are mainly concerned with the physical health of a child, Clown Doctors are there to ensure that the child’s need for joy and laughter is also addressed. The unique emotional healing that Clown Doctors provide is invaluable. So is your support to us.
Thank you for helping us ensure that the truly essential work of the Clown Doctors continues.
Melinda Farrell, CEO The Humour Foundation,

On behalf of the Council of Prison Fellowship – Victoria and our many volunteers, especially those who are part of the Extraoridnary Lives programs, I sincerely thank you and the Tobin Brothers Foundation Trustees for your very generous recent funding. As an organisation made up largely of volunteers supporting those whom many in society would rather ignore, we are always encouraged when a Trust or Foundation recognises the importance and worth of our activities.
Glen Fairweather, PrisonFellowship Australia

Longbeach Parish and Pantry 5000 are very grateful to the Tobin Brothers Foundation for your support. It will make a great difference in a number of peoples lives that have food intolerances and find it hard to get food that they can actually eat. I am going out tomorrow to get our first lot of food ready for Wednesday. I am sure there will be many smiling faces.
Ken Gooding, Pantry 5000

Angel Light Link would like to take this opportunity to thank the Tobin Brothers Foundation for funding health and wellbeing workshops in secondary schools. It is a privilege to be partnering with you in our mission to giving young women a hope for their future and has been able to positively impact young women in the City of Casey and Greater Dandenong.
Angel Light Link,

I wish to thank the Tobin Brothers Foundation most sincerely for the Grant of $2,500 awarded to our organisation. We are a completely non-for-profit volunteer organisation and in constant need of funds to maintain a nutricious Emergency Food Parcel and to top up what food is not donated to us. When starting back in 2013 we have had an increase in clients who struggle to get back on their feet after the financial burden of Christmas, School holidays and the school year resuming so I can assure you this Grant has been well spent. We were impressed by the wonderful philantrhropic work Tobin Brothers are doing to help make a difference in many lives.
Robyn Davies, Diamond Valley Foodshare

We write to express our gratitude for the Tobin Brothers Foundation award received. The funding was to enable us to place a simple plaque on the graves of many homeless women who had been residents of Bethlehem Community, the Women’s Memorial project is now complete. Sincere thanks for your generous contribution to our community!
Bethlehem Community Inc ,

This is to express on behalf of Mercy Place Rice Village, our gratitude as a recent recipient of one of the 2013 Tobin Brothers Foundation Awards. Our facility has a large number of high care residents and already the Reverie Harp is being used by both families and residents, the gentle and peaceful sound of the harp can create a reverent environment. I know we will benefit from the Award for a long time to come.
Angela Erwin, Mercy Place Rice Village

On behalf of Odyssey House Victoria, i would be pleased if you could pass on my sincere thanks to the Board of Trustees for their generous donation towards resources and equipment at our Lower Plenty Therapeutic Community Children’s Centre.
Dr Stefan Greunert, Odyssey House Victoria